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If You've Thought About Breast Cancer… by Rose Kushner was first published in 1979 by the American Cancer Society, District of Columbia Division, as "What to Do...If You Find Something That Suggests Breast Cancer," then rewritten and retitled as "If You’ve Thought About Breast Cancer....". Four subsequent editions were published by the Women’s Breast Cancer Advisory Center (now the Rose Kushner Breast Cancer Advisory Center). The National Cancer Institute distributed View the Bookthem in the early 1980s and the American Cancer Society reprinted the seventh edition in 1996 for distribution through its divisions and units. Rose created and wrote the first six editions of this series and still inspires its purpose and content. Read more...

Rose Kushner started the Women's―now the Rose Kushner Breast Cancer Advisory Center― after she discovered her own breast cancer in 1974. Read more...

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If you have a symptom or mammogram with a suspicious finding

What if the diagnosis is breast cancer?

Breast cancer treatment guidelines

After the cancer is treated, what next?

Who can you talk to for personal advice and emotional support?

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