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If You've Thought About Breast Cancer…
by Rose Kushner was first published in 1979 by the American Cancer Society, District of Columbia Division, as What to Do... If You Find Something That Suggests Breast Cancer, then rewritten and re-titled If You’ve Thought About Breast Cancer.... Four subsequent editions were published by the Women’s Breast Cancer Advisory Center (now the Rose Kushner Breast Cancer Advisory Center). The National Cancer Institute distributed them in the early 1980s and the American Cancer Society reprinted the seventh edition in 1996 for distribution through its divisions and units. Rose created and wrote the first six editions of this series and still inspires its purpose and content.

This ninth edition of Rose Kushner’s If You’ve Thought About Breast Cancer… was updated through June, 2009. New information has been included about women’s risks of developing breast cancer, mammography screening, diagnostic techniques, primary and adjuvant therapies, breast reconstruction, lifestyle practices and drugs that may reduce risks, clinical trials and sources of information, and advice and support for women. New results of research and clinical trials continue to be announced and may change or add to what is reported here.

Physicians and other healthcare and women’s support group professionals in research and clinical practice have generously given their time to review this book’s information for its technical accuracy and relevance.

This publication is dedicated to Dr. Bernard Fisher, Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. He was Chairman of the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP) for more than 25 years. The NSABP, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, is the oldest and most important international program of clinical trials to compare new procedures and treatments for breast cancer with current standards. Recent and past results of NSABP and other clinical research groups are reported throughout this edition. Results of these trials are the basis for current treatment recommendations.

Studies by the NSABP and the other cancer cooperative study groups are vital to improving quality of life and survival for breast cancer patients. All women and especially the more than two million breast cancer survivors today, their daughters, spouses, partners, families and friends, owe an immeasurable debt to Dr. Fisher, to the many thousands of dedicated physicians involved in these programs, and to tens of thousands of courageous women participants in clinical trials.

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