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Breast Cancer Wars : Hope, Fear, and the Pursuit of a Cure in Twentieth-Century America, by Barron Lerner, M.D.; Oxford University Press, 2001.

Informed Decisions: The Complete Book of Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, and RecoveryGerald P. Murphy, M.D., Lois Morris, and Dianne Lange; Bantam Books, 2000.

American Cancer Society : Women and Cancer : A Thorough and Compassionate Resource for Patients and Their FamiliesCarolyn D. Runowicz, M.D., Jeanne A. Petrek, M.D., Ted S. Gansler, M.D., Villard / Random House, 1999

Breast Cancer, The Complete Guide: Revised Asher Hirshaut, M.D., Peter I. Pressman, M.D. and Jane Brody.; Bantam Books; Revised Edition, 2008. Winner of the ROSE KUSHNER AWARD of the American Medical Writers Association.
Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book―4th Edition: Susan Love, M.D. with Karen Lindsay; De Capo Press, 2005

Spinning Straw Into Gold: Your Emotional Recovery From Breast Cancer―Ronnie Kaye; Simon & Schuster, 1991

The Race is Run One Step at a Time- Nancy G. Brinker; Summit Publishing; Revised Edition, 1995.

The Wellness Community: Guide to Fighting for Recovery from Cancer - Harold Benjamin, PhD; Tarcher/Penguin, 1995.

The Total Cancer Wellness Guide: Reclaiming your Life after Diagnosis- Kim Thiboldeaus and Mitch Golant, The Wellness Community; Benbella Books, 2007.

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